Your Collaborative Governance Toolkit

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We’ve assembled a very practical set of frameworks, tools, and processes for designing your collaborative governance system, based on the game-changing Principle of Consent.

Equity, Transparency,

Shared Leadership and

Forward Momentum

embedded into your Operations

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The Starter Kit

What is Governance and Why does it Matter?

If you want equity, creativity and adaptivity embedded into your operations and culture, start with Consent-based Governance.

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The Dashboard + Bonus Resources

One-stop access for leaders

All of your governance tasks and decisions in a transparent, inviting format that creates more engagement.

Bonus! Plug-n-Play frameworks, policies, and sample language.

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The Complete Collection

 Culture Shifting Tools and Practices

360° guidance on using the game-changing Principle of Consent, to work together with greater equity, transparency and creativity.

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On-the-job Coaching

For non-hierarchical Teams and Leaders

We bring the latest research and our own hard-won experience into your space and into the complexity your team is living right now.

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The Starter Kit                                  FREE

WHAT IS governance and WHY does it matter?

Learn the answer in the FREE Circle Forward Starter kit.

Plus, you’ll learn

  • How using the game-changing Principle of Consent for governance decisions can transform your culture.
  • WHEN to safely delegate authority for decision-making to empowered leaders for increased efficiency and group energy.

We’ve also included our Rate Your Governance video + toolkit to help your group start a conversation to identify where your governance is strong and where you could be stronger.


And we’ve added Rounds: A Simple Technique for more Engaging Meetings.   This powerful little toolkit can help you begin to shift your culture right away, even if you’re not the leader.

Whether they know it or not, if a group of people are doing work together, they’re using governance.

This is why governance can a key leverage point for transforming systems.

Discover the power of inclusive consent-based governance to embed equity, transparency and creativity into your operations and culture.

The Dashboard + Bonus Resources


One-stop access for greater engagement 

All of your governance tasks and decisions in a transparent, inviting format.

Whether your circle is newly formed or established, the Collaborative Governance Dashboard is an open, accessible system that 

  • allows current circle members to easily access what they need to make informed decisions and carry them out and
  • allows new circle members to be easily oriented to the group’s governance documents and policies.

Groups who want greater participation, engagement and collaboration can easily see the decisions and tasks they’ll need to work through together to create a Culture of Consent that is equitable, transparent and highly creative.  

Click here for Collaborative Governance Dashboard feature description:
The Collaborative Governance Dashboard includes:

  • Governance Dashboard Template + Folder Structure Template
  • Putting It Altogether: video tutorial
    • Circle Forward principle and co-founder, Tracy Kunkler distills hundreds of hours of consulting support into one short video to guide you through HOW TO set up a circle’s governance dashboard and folder structure


We’re including our invaluable collection of  frameworks, polices and sample language

Click here for Bonus! features descriptions:

BONUS collection of policies and sample language for your governance documents

  • What to address in your by-laws or governance charter
  • Definition of Consent — sample language for your by-laws or charter.
  • Dispute Resolution Procedure
  • Dialogue & Deliberation Protocols
  • Conflict of Interest Policy

BONUS collection of frameworks for defining results

To be able to adapt quickly to a rapidly changing environment, healthy organizations welcome and seek out feedback from the whole system.

Our collection of frameworks helps your group decide how to collect vital feedback and evaluate the results of the work you do.


BONUS VIDEO LESSON: A Leaders Framework for Decision-making

  • Not every decision is a governance decision. We clarify when and why consent-based decision-making is crucial and when it’s safer and more efficient to delegate decision-making to an empowered leader.

Lifetime access to updates

  • We’re discovering and testing new resources for collaborative governance all time.   You’ll always have access to our latest updates.
“It’s all right here at a glance. Our dashboard makes it easy for any members of the organization to access what they need.   It’s fully transparent and inviting. It creates more engagement from our members. One of our new Board members who consults with multi-million dollar companies including banks remarked that he’s never seen a board this organized!” 

Teddy Jordan, President, Kenilworth Neighborhood Association  

The  Complete Circle Forward Collection


Culture Shifting Tools and Practices

Step-by-step guidance for using the game-changing Principle of Consent to create greater equity, transparency and creativity.

The Collaborative Governance Toolkit is a collection of the most essential tools that we have found so far for transforming culture and includes:

  • The Starter Kit 
  • The Dashboard + Bonus Resources
  • Supported self-evaluation 
  • 30-min coaching call
  • And, 2 more modules…

We hear it all the time it’s not possible for everyone to get their needs met. It’s not true. What we’ve seen is people don’t have the tools.

Module 1: Creating a Culture of Consent

Transformational resources that help your group understand and set the context embedding the Principle of Consent into your operations so that your organization, network or team can BE the change you want to see in the world.
Click here for complete list of resources included in Module 1

A Culture of Intention

  • Definitions of Purpose (values, vision, mission, aims)
  • Universal needs/values
  • RBA

A Culture of Dialogue

  • From Debate to Dialogue

A Culture of Emergence and Reflection

  • Action/Reflection Cycle
  • Feedback Loop

A Culture that Explores Assumptions

  • Antidotes for White Dominant Culture
  • 188 Cognitive Biases

Module 2: Tools for Facilitating Consent

Consent in Practice

After 5 years of testing on dozens of different organizations and networks, we’ve assembled this collection of the most essential tools that we have found so far to help your group unleash a culture of equity, transparency and inclusive participation.   

Click here for the full list of process tools included Module 2

Step-by-Step Consent-based Decision-making

A video series and toolkit that clearly demonstrates a step-by-step consent process for making decisions that integrates feedback and builds trust again and again.

Consent-based Election Process

A video and toolkit that clearly demonstrates a step-by-step consent process for empowering individuals to make day-to-day, operational decisions with a level of autonomy to get the job done. A group might designate familiar operational roles such as a Chair, Director, Coordinator, Lead, Manager, or Teams to carry out governance decisions.

Advice Process

A simple rule for framing autonomy in decision-making that can be used in governance documents


Tools and Methods for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships