Client Testimonials

“In my opinion and I believe others would agree – a pivotal point in the Appalachian Foodshed Project was when Tracy entered our world. Tracy we thank you for bringing us a new way of thinking about complexity, and organizing how AFP’s decisions were made; ways that gave voice to everyone, and created space for meaningful and productive interaction with community members across states not to mention a means for consent-based decision-making. Together, we pictured formed, proposed, and consented to many ideas, and experimented with and practiced “both/and” thinking. Thanks to your facilitator extraordinaire skills and equitable decision-making process, we were able to navigate the complexity inherent to community food security work which has allowed us to move forward today.”
–Project Director, Appalachian Foodshed Project

“Circle Forward is the way to roll!”
Residents Council, Asheville Housing Authority

“So thankful for your training and consultation that helped to move the YW to this place. We continue to use consent-based decision-making in our Leadership Team meetings and look forward to introducing it within our program teams. We are on our third rotation of facilitators and that continues to serve our needs and develop leadership within our group.”
— YWCA, Asheville

“Thanks for working with us! It was great to see confusion and overwhelmed feelings dissipate and be replaced by a feeling of teamwork and shared vision.”
–Grovewood Gallery

“Michelle & Tracy,  thank you both for the terrific job with the Circle Forward training. It IS very good and you both were (are) excellent instructors.  I’ll tell you that nowhere do you get this kind of high-quality, high-touch teaching these days! I kept thinking how different the world would be if we used Circle Forward in everyday real-world negotiations.  I’m a believer more so now – and I’m learning to trust the Circle Forward process because I’ve experienced that it does work. Rock on, and know that you are making a wonderful contribution in so many seen and unseen ways.”
– Principal, Sims & Steele Consulting

“Thanks to excellent (Circle Forward) facilitation and a great process, we made some major steps towards building a broader coalition that will enhance our food security work. I am inspired by the amazing effort that everyone put into our meeting. Everyone’s contributions were so sincere and thoughtful. I really felt like each of us were putting our best into creating this coalition, and the variety of our perspectives created something much better than we could create alone.”
— Floyd County Health Department

“Consensus often feels impossibly lengthy, and Roberts’ Rules leaves people feeling consistently marginalized. Circle Forward has allowed for an action orientation and sense of egalitarianism among the participants of the Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council, and has helped us remain very organized while inviting people from a breadth of perspectives and styles to participate effectively.”
– Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council

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