Providing leaders and social innovators the guidance, facilitation, coaching, training, and design spaces for working in complex systems.

“On-the-Job” Training and Design

Become the architect of your own collaborative governance system.

Governance is contextual, so we bring the latest research and our own hard-won experience into your space.

Consent: a key to including all voices

Introduction to Circle Forward

A facilitated interactive experience for your leadership team or workshop that offers a “taste” of collaborative decision-making with time for Q & A.

Consent-based Decision-making for teams, organizations and networks.

Collaborative Decision-making Package

Learn, use and practice a step-by-step consent process for making decisions that includes all voices, integrates feedback and builds trust again and again.

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Equity, transparency and creativity embedded into your operations

The Collaborative Governance Toolkit and Dashboard

  • Create a Culture of Consent
  • Clarify Your Purpose
  • Measure Performance
  • Create action/reflection cycles of learning
  • Develop a culture of experimentation
  • Create Charters/By-laws/Policies and Procedures

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Support for Network Development

You might call it a coalition, network, alliance, collective impact, or something else. We can help you navigate some of the complexities of multi-organizational, multi-sector, and multi-scale (MS3) collaboration.

  • Network start-up
  • Facilitation of meetings and events
  • Organizational design for charters and policies
  • Planning and measurement
  • Cultivate facilitative leadership
  • Sustain inclusion and equity
  • Systems and network mapping

Professional Facilitation and Planning for Impact

We facilitate meetings and retreats, using a wide range of process tools and techniques, for engaging, inclusive, and safe spaces that support critical thinking, shared dialogue, and action planning.

We manage participatory and inclusive processes to help you:

  • Clarify your purpose
  • Develop a theory of change
  • Conduct strategic assessment
  • Listen to stakeholders
  • Develop results-based accountability
  • Create measurement systems

Facilitative Leadership Development

We model and support the development of facilitative leadership skills with real-time coaching provided with our “on-the-job” packages. We also host peer-to-peer learning opportunities to connect with others.


  • 1:1 leadership consultation and coaching.
  • Capacity building
  • Deepening the Art of Facilitation Meetup

First-aid for Group Conflict

In order for people’s highest creativity, best contribution and collective intelligence to come forward, a safe space, trust, and a structure for conflict resolution are needed.

If your group is finding itself stuck in conflict, with diminishing productivity, we provide you with tools and processes to help your team get to the root of the conflict, reduce stress and tension, and improve communication.

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